Attacks on paramedics in Waltham Forest have risen sharply over the last 18 months, it has emerged.

Eight addresses in the borough have also been blacklisted, meaning they can only be visited with a police escort. 

A Freedom of Information Act request by the Guardian has revealed there were no recorded assaults on ambulance staff in 2011 and just one in 2012.

However, in 2013 there were 17 attacks and there have already been eight this year.

Records show there were five attacks in May alone.

A drunk woman was said to have dug her nails into the arm of a paramedic and a teenager racially abused two ambulance staff before punching one in the face.

In October 2013 paramedics were forced to lock themselves inside the ambulance after being set upon by a large group.

They demanded that their friend be treated before forcing their way into the vehicle and pushing staff.

The patient then attempted to punch a paramedic.

Simon Hooper, 43, has been a paramedic at the Whipps Cross Ambulance Station for eleven years.
He said paramedics now expect to be abused and threatened.

Mr Hooper added: "I have been pushed to the ground, punched, kicked and spat at. 

"Just last week I was at a domestic incident and I was threatened and told I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. The man was known for being violent.

“On weekend nights you just expect the verbal abuse. It is frightening, especially if you are on your own in a car, it can stay with you for a few days.”

Mr Hooper said addresses are blacklisted when staff have been repeatedly targeted.
The addresses were not revealed.