A brother’s 12-year fight to establish the circumstances of his sister’s death has led to a second inquest verdict being quashed.

Bernard Bloom of High Road, Chigwell, was granted a third inquest in to the death of Carmel Bloom on the basis of new evidence at the High Court, yesterday.

Since the last inquest in 2005, Mr Bloom has obtained medical records which were not presented to the investigation and which he believes prove his sister died as a result of negligence.

Mr Bloom said: “It’s been disgraceful.

“I’ve not been here for 12 years to be fobbed off.

Ms Bloom died at a BUPA hospital in Roding Lane South, Clayhall, now known as Spire Roding Hospital, in 2002, while she was being treated for a kidney stone.

Coroner Andrew Walker’s 2003 verdict of cause of death being septicaemia was overturned in 2005.

West London coroner Alison Thompson returned a narrative verdict of "a progression of pre-operative infection following surgery, to which the absence of post-operative intubation, monitoring and ventilation contributed."

A date for the inquest has not been announced but Mr Bloom said he anticipated it being “in the next couple of months.”