A tractor’s trailer overturned yesterday, blocking a road after spilling bales of hay.

At approximately 4pm, the driver attempted to turn sharply from High Road, Epping, from the direction of Harlow, into The Plain, towards Ongar, but the vehicle clipped the curb and the trailer overturned.

The road towards Ongar was blocked for around an hour, the time it took to right the trailer and  put the bales of hay back on the trailer.

Three police cars were called to the scene but no one was hurt.

Harold Radley, 70, from Thornwood Road, near the site of the accident, grabbed his camera and headed to the scene after hearing of the event.

He said: “It was chaos, luckily no one was walking past on the pavement otherwise someone could have been killed.

“There were bales of hay just strewn across the road and the pavement, the tractor and trailer could never make that corner, it was just too sharp."