A Walthamstow street has been cleared of bags of rubble left by fly-tippers which prevented residents from using the pavement outside their homes.

People living in Barclay Road have complained about ‘constant’ fly-tipping in their area in recent months and were ‘shocked’ when they saw Kier staff leave bags of rubbish on their road, earlier this month.

Waltham Forest Council confirmed that the bags were collected last Monday and explained why they were not taken.

A spokesman said: “The bags are large tonne bags full of hard-core, they need to be collected by a specialist lifting lorry.”

A supervisor was contacted and the bags collected on Monday.

Brian Reeves, 63, has called for the council to change their approach to tackle fly-tipping which he said is plaguing nearby streets.

Fly-tipping costs the council around £1.5m a year despite free bulky waste collection in the borough.

Enforcement officers do patrol fly-tipping hotspots and gather evidence to help prosecute anyone who fly-tips in the borough, according to the council.