A decision which was due today on a proposed joining of two primary schools in Leyton has been delayed.

The controversial ‘merger’ would see the head of Newport Primary School take over the running of Dawlish Primary School in Jesse Road on a permanent basis.

Both schools would have a joint governing body which would decide on how to spend budgets.

However, the consultation period which was supposed to end last night- ahead of today’s decision – has been extended until Wednesday.

Parents and former teachers at Dawlish have spoken out against the proposal because of fear that the Dawlish ‘community’ will be eradicated and the worry that they will have only one governor to represent them on the board.

It is now not clear when a final decision will be made.

Since the head of Dawlish Primar School left due to illness in 2013 Prue Barnes has been leading both schools.

Her ‘success’ is credited as the council’s reason for agreeing with the joining.