A teenage girlguide has been honoured for her role in creating a badge teaching girls leadership skills, after being motivated by the lack of female MPs.

Isabelle Mahoney, 16, of Mayfair Gardens, Woodford Green, has received an award from the British Youth Council (BYC) for the ‘Be the Change’ badge, which she created with colleague Amy Carmichael.

It sets girlguides a number of tasks in leadership skills, decision-making, debating and advocacy.

Miss Mahoney said: “There is a common misconception that women are equally represented - that couldn't be more wrong.

“Progress is actually stalling. The number of women MPs has increased by just 4.1% in the last 15 years.

“When guides complete this badge they learn more about the rights and respect they are entitled to which will hopefully build on their own self-esteem and confidence.”

Jenni Mc Dermott, chair of Girlguiding’s delegation to the British Youth Council, said: “If one guide is inspired to do something to make her voice heard after doing ‘Be the Change’, the implications for girls nationally are huge.”