Off-licences in Redbridge are being asked to stop selling cheap super strength alcohol following a new scheme aimed at curbing street drinking and anti-social behaviour. 

Redbridge Police Licensing Team and Redbridge Council are asking off-licence owners to 'voluntarily' remove super strong beer, lager, cider, or any drink exceeding the alcohol volume of 6.5 per cent. 

The initiative is aimed at reducing street drinking, begging, anti-social behaviour, and alcohol-related hospital admissions. 

So far, officers have targeted shop owners in Ilford Lane, Green Lane, and most recently in Cranbrook Road, but the council is seeking to make the scheme permanent in these particular locations. 

Supermarkets and big brand smaller stores such as Tesco Express are included in the initiative. 

The scheme hopes to combat the growing problem by scaling back the accessibility of strong alcohol which the police claim is attracting young people, or those with alcohol-dependency problems.

A spokesman for Redbridge council said this scheme could be expanded to Wanstead and Woodford if this is required.

He said: "This initiative is not limited to small businesses we are approaching bigger retailers and encouraging them to take part as well.

"We would consider rolling out the initiative in other parts of the borough if street drinking becomes an issue in that area.

"We have operated successful schemes covering shopkeepers in Ilford Lane and Green Lane where all agreed to stop selling high strength alcohol for an agreed period, until the problem was resolved."