Young entrepreneurs raised more than £150 for a local hospice baking cupcakes.

Saffron Daglish, Victoria Deviana-Wedge and Jasmine Somers, all aged nine, who attend Woodford Green Primary School in Sunset Avenue, yesterday spent seven hours baking more than 100 cupcakes before selling them at the school.

Marie- Claire Nonchalente, 40, of Greenstead Avenue and mother of Jasmine Somers said: "It was all their idea, they badgered me and other parents until we got involved."

“I was so impressed by their self determination and dedication, I couldn’t say no.”

“All the while they were baking they were talking about whether they should let people have money off, even 5p, as it was all going to charity.

“The girls decided against it and really displayed hard business values.”

They have so far raised £167 with donations still coming in.