Full council meetings in Redbridge could be broadcast live, it has been announced.

Council leader Jas Athwal confirmed he would look at providing webcams of the town hall meetings at a cabinet meeting yesterday.

Members of the public who did not attend the meetings currently have to wait a month for minutes to be published.

Cllr Athwal said: “We are looking at ways of bringing this council up to date with the movement of technology.

“This is an idea we will certainly look into and discuss with officers, it is a possibility for the future.”
Speaking at the meeting, Alan Howe of the Barkingside 21 group said the web-based recordings would be helpful as many people are unable to attend the meetings.

He said: “At the moment we get the minutes a few moments before the next meeting and this means if we did not attend the meeting we don't have time to think of questions or respond to our councillors.

"A lot of people have to travel a long way across the borough to the council meetings and it is just not possible.

“Since there are no more local committee meetings for us to attend, I think it is important residents can see what the council is deciding and a publically available video will be very convenient.”