A gifted science graduate who has been able to find a job despite leaving wining an award at Oxford University has launched an online appeal for funds to continue her studies.

Emily-Rose Eastop, 26 of Cleveland Road in South Woodford, is halfway to her ‘crowdfunding’ target having received donations of £13,633 from 227 online donations.

She hopes to do a master degree in cognitive and evolutionary anthropology.

Ms Eastop graduated from Magdalen College Oxford in human sciences having won an award for her dissertation.

But joy soon turned to despair as she failed to find employment, despite applying for around 200 jobs.

She is currently living with her parents with £20,000 worth of debt and has opted for an unusual solution to her predicament.

Crowdfunding is an online fundraising appeal which relies on many donations from a large amount of people.

Contributors can donate any amount they want with £1 providing access to Ms Eastop’s blog and £500 secures a professionally bound and signed dissertation.

She said:  “The idea is that you do the masters with me.”

“I have been really open and put my heart on my sleeve. Some people may react negatively but people who actually get you will be very generous.

“You have to play the odds of that and make loads of contact.”

The deadline for donations is on Wednesday. Click here for more information

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