Residents living close to Leyton Tube station say they are desperately searching for a solution to their parking woes after constant rows over spaces.

Elderly residents, parents and carers in St George’s Road, Leyton, claim they are suffering due to people in neighbouring roads opting to introduce controlled parking zones (CPZ) in their streets.

People in St George's Road say their street is now like a car park after restrictions were introduced in so many streets near High Road.

Yunus Patel has lived in St George’s Road Leyton since 1996.

He said: “It started just before the Olympics when they introduced the parking restrictions,” he added.

“Three or four neighbouring roads got restrictions so the residents started parking here. 

"It wasn’t too much of an issue but later in 2013 commuters started parking here.

“It is spoiling the neighbourhood because people are constantly arguing about spaces.”

Mr Patel, 43, approached local Labour councillors for help but was told to wait until after the elections next year.

“The CPZ has to be requested by a certain amount of people – but not everybody can afford the permits so people don’t want it," he added.

“I have emailed suggestions for other measures but have had no reply.”

Maria Steele, 40, has also called for action.

She said: “I come here to look after my dad every day. Sometimes I drive round and round and I’ve lost count of how many times it is before I can find a space.

“People leave bins in the road to try and save themselves a space which causes arguments. It is a nightmare down here.

“I don’t think the permit system is the right way to go unless everyone gets one free permit per house. Why should anyone have to pay to park outside their own home?

“The solution is simple – they need what they had during the Olympics – free parking for people who live here and nobody else.”

Abdul Ahamed, 67, had trouble with commuters when he had his roof fixed.

“I would like to see the introduction of a CPZ but like they have in Redbridge where they don’t pay for the first car.

“I put bins out for a skip once when I was having building work done and wrote a notice. Within minutes someone moved them and parked there.”

Shazad Mohammed, 20, also believes a solution is needed.

“We have Leyton station that causes the problem and then when Leyton Orient games are in it gets busy too,” he said.

“I’ve driven round three or four times or had to park my car far away and walk home.”

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