A chip shop branded in honour of TV show The Only Way is Essex, which was threatened with legal action by the programme's makers, has won the fight to retain its name.

The Only Way Is Fish (TOWIF) in Fyfield Road, Ongar, has agreed a compromise with Lime Pictures.

TOWIF was ordered to change its name and logo by the company, which claimed to own the copyright on any brand name including 'The Only Way Is'.

TOWIF has now been allowed to retain the name but has agreed to change it's sign, which was closely based on the propgrammes logo.

Shop manager Chris Nelson said: “It was a stupid disagreement and should never have come about and they tried to ‘strong-arm us which should not have been their approach.

“We told them there was no way we would change the name but agreed to change the logo as it was less stressful and time consuming that way and now it’s all dealt with.

“It was coming to the point where it was getting silly.

The sign is currently being altered with a change in colour and style of lettering.

Stars on the sign will be replaced by fish.

The shop's Facebook page was closed down during the dispute in May.

Lime Pictures declined to comment.