A woman who used her children to help dump sofas across her neighbourhood has been fined £650.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her children, pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and was sentenced on July 25 at Barkingside Magistrate’s Court.

CCTV footage reviewed by Redbridge council showed two children dumping two sofas on the corner of Dunedin Road and Wellesley Road, Ilford, on January 21.

Working with police, the footage was used to trace them to an address in Ilford, where the woman admitted the children were fly-tipping at her instruction.

In court the woman’s solicitor said that she was expecting somebody to remove the items and was "very sorry".

Cllr Ross Hatfull, cabinet member for community safety & enforcement, said: “This case sends a clear message; Redbridge will not tolerate people who choose to carelessly dump their rubbish in the borough.

“We look into every case of fly tipping that is reported and the eyes and ears of residents help us to secure these kinds of convictions.

“It’s time people irresponsible enough to consider fly tipping realised that they run the risk of a large fine and a criminal record.

“If we have the evidence we will not hesitate to prosecute them.”