Two abusive carers have been barred from making any contact with a vulnerable 94-year-old woman they were looking after.

The Royal Court of Justice heard how the elderly woman, who cannot be named, lived in fear of the pair, who she met at a church and who had had later moved into her home.

Neighbours raised concerns when the victim, referred to only as Miss G, became "alienated from public life" and said she wanted to change her will at her carers' request.

The vulnerable woman described "carer C" as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" who made her feel "like a fly trapped in a spider's web".

It was claimed carer C would not let Miss G sleep during the day, physically shaking her on several occasions.

She also took her clothes off and redressed her in the same garments.

Despite Miss G saying she did not feel safe in her home, she insisted she wanted the pair to remain living with her.

Mr Justice Russell described the case as awkward for this reason, but stripped the Power of Attorney over Miss G's affairs away from carer C.

Both carers were barred from having any contact with Miss G, or any involvement in her life.

A statement on the council's website read: “This is a significant judgment given the many tests to determine whether G had the capacity and ability to make independent decisions about her life, financial affairs and disposition of her property without assistance or undue influence from others seeking financial gain.”

“This judgment has significant national implications for social care services when safeguarding vulnerable people and highlights the need to seek independent decisions about vulnerable people in an open and transparent place.”

"Redbridge council is now ‘providing a full and suitable care package to meet Miss G’s needs."

The council said it was unable to disclose where Miss G lives.