A large funeral procession for a motorcyclist killed in a car accident has made its way through the streets of Waltham Forest and Redbridge. 

Jeffrey Locke, 58, of Salisbury Hall Gardens in Chingford, died along with his partner Lesley Collyer, 55, on the A10 between Hoddesdon and Cheshnut on July 4. 

The couple, who met through a Harley Davidson club called the Essex Chapter, were both pronounced dead at the scene after the red Chrysler he was driving crashed into a tree by Broxbourne.  

Dozens of mourners lined the streets of Chingford Mount this morning as the large procession including 16 bikers doubled up on Harley Davidson's left his home and passed through Old Church Road. 

Mr Locke's friend and company director of Harold White Funeral Directors, Gary Clugston, said route was chosen as it was one of Mr Locke's favourite short bike journeys. 

His coffin, draped in a specially-designed black and orange wrap was sealed in a glass box fitted on a trailer connected to a trike. 

The glass box featured the words 'The Final Ride' in frosted glass and featured a floral design of a motorbike on top.  

A large black Ford truck led the procession of Harley Davidson bikers, floral hearses and seven limousines from Old Church Road through Station Road and up towards Epping New Road. 

The procession then headed along Woodford New Road and towards Wanstead High Street before arriving at the City of London Crematorium.

The two hearses’ were overflowing with flowers and featured the word 'DAD' in bright yellow flowers.

Mr Locke is survived by two daughters Jemma Curran, 35, and Kerry Lomax, 34, and five grandchildren, who all live in the Isle of Wright.