There are renewed calls for a road crossing where a pensioner was knocked down and killed to be relocated.

People have warned there could be another fatal accident on the zebra crossing in Rectory Lane, Loughton, which is on a bend near the busy junction with Church Hill.

Walter Morris, 76, was killed by a bus while using the crossing in 2010.

Brian Dean, 70, of Hillyfields, Loughton, has made a series of complaints to councillors after narrowly avoiding being hit on a number of occasions

He said: “The crossing is only a matter of feet from the corner of the bend, and cars are travelling quite fast having come in a downhill direction.

“They come round that corner and, as sure as eggs are eggs, someone is going to be killed on the crossing before very long.”

“People have no alternative but to cross the road there. There are a lot of elderly people using that crossing, as there are children and young mums with children in pushchairs.

“Something needs to be done very urgently.”

Mother Caroline Fulbrook, 40, of Goldingham Avenue, has also had a near miss on the crossing.

She said: “It’s a terrible crossing. When my twins were babies I nearly got run over quite a few times and once a car that did stop for me got hit.”

Nav Doal, 36, of Pyrles Lane, was involved in an accident on the crossing while driving.

She said: “I had an accident at that crossing a few years ago and have always thought it was badly placed.

“As I was turning left on to Rectory Lane I had to stop quite suddenly as someone was crossing and a car went straight into the back of my car.”

County councillor Chris Pond is supporting calls for something to be done.

He said: “I myself as an able pedestrian have suffered from vehicles making the left turn far too fast.

“I would fully support any moves to make this crossing safer.

An Essex County Council spokesman said: "The safety of residents and all road users is important to Essex County Council. We take all safety concerns seriously."

The issue is set to be raised by Councillor Pond through the Highways Liason team at a meeting in two weeks time.