A map of the most commonly spoken languages other than English in London’s boroughs has been published.

Information from the most recent census in 2011 was used to construct the map, which shows Redbridge and Waltham Forest as the two boroughs where Urdu is the most widely spoken second language.

Urdu is widely spoken in India and Pakistan.

English was the first language of 75.4 per cent of people in Redbridge, with Urdu the second most widely spoken among 3.8 per cent.

In Waltham Forest, 73.6 per cent of people spoke English as a first language and 3.3 per cent spoke in Urdu and the same number spoke Polish.

Other popular languages in Redbridge are Panjabi, spoken by 3.1 per cent of people, Bengali, used by 2.5 per cent, Gujarati among 2.3 per cent and Tamil, spoken by1.6 per cent.

Waltham Forest has 1.6 per cent of the population who speak Turkish or Romanian as a first language, 1.3 per cent Lithuanian and 1.2 per cent who speak Panjabi.

The data was obtained from residents of the boroughs who were three or older and the original map was posted on RandomlyLondon.com