A parking fine issued to a good samaritan as he helped an elderly woman who had collapsed has been cancelled.

Chris Bone, 24, of Edward Road in Walthamstow, was issued with a £65 ticket by a Waltham Forest council CCTV spy car after pulling over in Markhouse Road when he saw the 91-year-old collapse.

He treated her head wound and comforted her until paramedics arrived and took her to hospital. 

He appealed against the fine issued in June and supplied evidence from the London Ambulance Service, but it was rejected by the council.

Now after Mr Bone, an apprentice at George Mason Lodge in Chelmsford Road, Leytonstone, spoke out over the fine to the Guardian, the ticket has been cancelled.

Deputy leader and cabinet member for environment councillor, Clyde Loakes, said: "We are in the process of cancelling the PCN based on new evidence from the London Ambulance Service, and will be contacting the driver to advise him that the ticket is cancelled.

"The decision to reject the appeal was correct at the time as unfortunately, we could not retrieve this evidence from the London Ambulance services directly, due to data protection concerns.

"Given the new information, we are more than happy to cancel the PCN."

Mr Bone said the decision should have come earlier. 

He said: "When I phoned up the ambulance service, they said they were more than happy to give the council whatever they needed without my intervention, so it's nonsense. 

"Their response now is the way it should have been from the beginning, it was an uncompassionate decision by the parking officer when he clearly saw what was going on. 

"I contacted the Guardian on the advice of my nan and I believe if it wasn't for the newspaper, I would still be struggling to get it overturned."