The MP for Leyton and Wanstead has slammed plans to halve care beds by closing a hospital ward.

MP John Cryer issued an open letter to Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group criticising the plans to reduce the number of community rehabilitation beds from 104 to between 40 and 61 in the borough, with the aim of treating more patients at home.

The plan would see small wards, such as the Heronwood and Galleon hospital in Wanstead, merged into one unit at King George Hospital in Goodmayes.

A new home treatment service will be run by a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and support workers.

MP Cryer has spoken out about the closure of the Wanstead ward, and is due to speak on the closure of the ward in the Commons on September 4.

The letter said: “The plan will butcher services in my constituency and close Wanstead Hospital.

“The consultation booklet does not seem to be available either in local libraries or GP surgeries.

“It is on your website under a title so meaningless that most casual observers would not deduce its importance.

“Assuming that most of my constituents do not possess a crystal ball, this seems inadequate.

“I will be organising a public meeting in the near future.”

Redbridge CCG claims that home-based services will minimise risk of infections and loss of independence, and will save around £900,000.

Local GP, Dr Mehul Mathukia, said: “Under our proposals care is not being cut, instead care, outcomes, and access for patients will be improved.

"That is an absolute priority for local GPs and it is why we agreed to ‘test’ the effectiveness of the model by trialling the new services, alongside existing bed based care - to ensure it was effective."

Khalil Ali, vice chair of Redbridge CCG, said “Our proposals aim to improve care for people and provide more care in people’s own homes rather than in a rehab unit.

"We have two new services in Redbridge that are proving hugely successful and we want to keep and expand them which is good news for patients.”

The public consultation for the scheme will end on October 1.