Senior mosque figures in Waltham Forest have written to Number 10 calling on the government to condemn Israeli attacks in Gaza. 

The Waltham Forest Council of Mosques (WFCOM), which represents nine of the largest mosques in the borough, sent the letter to Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg following concerns raised in the community.

The two-page letter outlines these concerns over the thousands of Palestinian deaths and the government's perceived "encouragement" of Israel by emphasising the country's right to defend itself. 

Chairman of the WFCOM, Yusuf Hansa, says dozens of Muslim mothers in the borough have written to the council in recent weeks.  

He said: "Many people feel as though they can’t do much but pray so we decided to write a letter letting David Cameron know how Muslims and the wider community feel.

"This is affecting the majority of British citizens; we feel it and feel hopeless.

"It is time to say enough is enough Cameron. Kids playing in the sand are being murdered. They can’t run away, they cannot escape. 

"It has nothing to do with the fact it is Israel, we would say this to any other nation."

Plans to extend a three-day ceasefire ended today after Israel launched air strikes across the Gaza strip in response to reported rockets fired by Hamas. 

At a press conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas for the loss of life on both sides, and said it was using "legitimate means against these double war crimes of targeting civilians and hiding behind civilians".