Here are the planning applications lodged in the area this week beginning August 4:


Mr. J Chance: Conversion of garage into habitable room with new window and access door in front elevation. 15, Victory Road, Wanstead.

Mr. D Patel: Demolish existing rear projection and garden shed. Two storey side extension with hipped roof over. Front extension incorporating new porch with canopy. Single storey and two storey rear extension. Loft conversion with rear dormer. 63, High View Road, South Woodford.

Mrs. K Carabin: First floor rear extension. Extension to existing hipped roof and formation of pitch roof over existing flat roof side extension. 8, Ellesmere Close, Wanstead.

Mrs. S Enness: Alteration to roof of rear extension. 46, Mapleleafe Gardens, Barkingside.

Mrs. A Radwanska: Two storey side extension. Two storey and single storey rear extension. Loft conversion with rear dormer with bonnet roof. 24, Ashley Avenue, Barkingside.

Rev. A St. Pauls Vicarage: TPO 57/13 - T1 (yew) - fell and grind stump; and T2 (ash) - reduce height by 4m, reduce width by 2m and remove basal / epicormic growth.  4, Cross Road, Woodford Green.

Rev. A St. Pauls Vicarage: G3 (lilac) and T5 (hazel) - fell and grind stumps; T4 (elder) - reduce by 2m, shape to balance and remove encroachment in to neighbouring property; G6 (ash suckers) - fell to ground level and poison; T7 (birch) - crown lift to 3.5m, reduce by 2m and reshape to balance; T8 (cypress) - trim back from footpath; and T9 (yew) - fell. 4, Cross Road, Woodford Green.

B Williamson: T127 (monteray cypress) - fell and replace. St Aubyns School, Bunces Lane, Woodford Green.

Mr. G Francis: Single storey rear extension with a depth of 3.6 metres, highest point of 3.8 metres and height at the eaves of 2.5 metres. 127, Kings Avenue, Woodford Green.

Mrs. P Zwink: T1 (holly) - 4.5m crown reduction and cut back outer branches to retain existing shape. 29, St Marys Avenue, Wanstead.

For more planning applications see this week's Wanstead and Woodford Guardian, out on Thursday.