A group of travellers have vacated a recreation ground, but residents have said they are unhappy with with police handling of the situation.

Around seven caravans and associated vehicles left the site near Cranleigh Gardens in Loughton at around 6.15pm on Saturday.

Epping Forest District councillor for Loughton Roding, Stephen Murray, reported taking four large rubbish sacks from the site after the travellers had left.

Comments left on the Guardian’s website suggest neighbours not happy with the police after officers reportedly refused to block the entrance to prevent further travellers accessing the site on Thursday.

'Villager1' said: “I think the greatest villains in this saga were the police - the behaviour of the travellers is predictable that is what they do but what on earth do we pay the police for? they are here to protect property private and public .”

Haward Wolowitz said: “They should have arrested  them for breaking the law.

“Take  their vehicles for being illegally parked and make them clear up  the fiel before they leave.”

A police spokeswoman said: “It is the land owner’s responsibility to take necessary action to reclaim their land.”