A residential road with more potholes than places to live has seen its first road repair since a collection of  craters emerged in 2012.

Beech Avenue, Buckhurst Hill, saw two problem potholes temporarily filled yesterday but still boasts a whopping 13 highway holes for its 12 houses.

The cracks have been untreated since appearing towards the end of 2012 and neighbours are now tiring of the tarmac terrors and calling for some carriageway care in their cul-de-sac.

Brian Fitzgerald from the street sent a pothole petition from the residents appealing for help in July last year to Essex County Council.

He said: “It’s absolutely shocking now. It’s like a bomb site.

“It’s especially dangerous now they’ve turned the street lights out at night, my wife nearly tripped on one of the potholes the other day.”

Suzanne Tilson from the road said: "It's ridiculous. It's been going on for ages and steadily getting worse.

"If we have another bad winter I worry what it will be like."

Sou boulton added: "Our worry is that someone will fall over on the  road; in the dark it's very dangerous."

Residents wanting to rid the  road of ruts found it particularly galling to see a road resurfacing of the adjoining Beech Lane which lies in Redbridge, last year.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Redbridge Council will usually notify Essex County Council of their work on the network and they will discuss with us if they feel some joint working is required.

"In some cases, agreed maintenance boundaries mean that we work in each other’s areas.”