MP Lee Scott has written to Boris Johnson calling for urgent action to improve safety at the a "major problem" roundabout.

The Ilford North MP is backing a campaign led by Redbridge Roundabout Action Group, which started a petition now signed by 2,500 people and triggered a full council debate. 

Mr Scott said: “Safety on the roundabout is a major problem. You take your life in your hands to get out onto the roundabout at times, it is just a constant flow of traffic.

“Transport for London is under Boris’s authority so I am urging him to look at the matter urgently as it is important this is resolved as it is so dangerous.

“I remember it being a problem back when I was a kid when I got the bus to school, it was so busy but it has got much worse now.

“I admit I am not a planner of road layouts, but I want every possible measure to be looked at by TfL urgently because it could end in disaster if nothing is done.”

The action group has a particular issue with motorists driving onto the roundabout from Redbridge Lane East, where it claims current traffic light phasing means only one or two cars have the chance to emerge at any one time.

Group member Alan Haymes will speak at a full council debate next month at Redbridge Town Hall to call for the council to lobby TfL to improve safety.

A Freedom of Information request by Mr Haymes last month showed that police recorded on average around one accident a week at the location between January 2011 and June 2014.

A man was hospitalised in an accident at the roundabout on Monday following a collision between a car and a van.

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