Chingford Foundation School has produced its finest A level results to date, according to its headteacher.

From 7am this morning, around 120 sixth-form pupils queued in the school grounds in Nevin Drive to find out their results.

Many with anxious faces eagerly waited in line to read out their surname and open the brown signature envelope that could change their lives forever.

Modest star pupil Joseph Tumba, 18, was named the school’s highest-ever achieving A-level student the school.

He met his predicted grades with A* results in maths, further maths and physics and an A in economics.

Joseph will study economics at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

He said: “I’m please I got into Cambridge and I’m very proud of where I’m heading. Besides economics, I’m very happy I met my prediction grades.

The school is yet to reveal its overall results, but headteacher Mark Morrall said results in the A* to B grade category is above the 2013 national average of 44 per cent  - at 56 per cent.

Mr Morrall said: “Best results we’ve ever had, a record breaking number of pupils getting A star results.

“The general atmosphere is everyone is getting their first choice and is really pleased.

“Three years ago, Ofsted told us we have to improve our A level results and now we’re seeing the majority receiving top grades.

“It is a breakthrough for Chingford Foundation School.”

Ben Gordon, 18, achieved A* grades in geography and business, as well as an A in history.

He will now study geography at Nottingham University and aspires to use his degree to work in the global finance industry.

“I was shocked.  I was predicted grade Bs at A level when I finished my GCSEs.

“Being here today and picking up my final results feels strange. This essentially decides my future for me."