Ambitious students who gathered at Woodbridge High School to share their A-level results said they wanted to emulate the achievements of the likes of Charles Darwin and chancellor George Osborne.

Most students had already discovered their results by email this morning but gathered at the school in St Barnabus Lane, Woodford Green, to share the experience. 

Rosie Powell achieved an A* in Biology, and an A in both Chemistry and Maths.

She said: “I am going to Oxford to study Biology and then start my own company.

“My end goal is to get my face on money, like Charles Darwin.”

Joe Unstead, who achieved A , B and C in Economics, History and English respectively, said: “I found out this morning that I got in to the Kent University to study economics so I went crazy with my parents and skipped into school.

 “I want to be the next George Osbourne, but do things right. The guys in charge say they are fixing the economy but they actually do their own thing.”

His friend, Alex Goss, is going to study film at Queen Mary University after a gap year.

Alex Goss who, achieved three As in Media, Film and English Literature, said: “I’m going to change my surname and put a B in front because I bossed it.”

He said: “I have thought of lots of ideas for films. I’m going to get Joe to star in a supernatural thriller that I am making.”

Conor Millwood-Henry achieved a B in Media, C History in and a D in Art.

He is going to follow his dream of being a writer and film director by studying Film Production at the West London University in Ealing.

He said: “I am disappointed with the results but the most important thing is I got in to the university I wanted.

“I’m writing my own scripts at the moment and I created my own title sequence for a TV detective show.”

Rashaan Jackson-Weade, who achieved A* in Chemistry, A in Maths, A in Physics and a B in Biology, won a place at King's College, London.

She said: “I’m a little disappointed in the B but I’m really looking forward to studying one subject, now I can really focus on biomedical science.

“This school has really prepared me for life I think. This is the last step and I am confident I will make it out there in the world.”

Headteacher Andrew Beaumont said: “I will be sad to see this group leave.

“The level of improvement shown by our students remains well above the national average.”

“They are now able to go on to their universities of choice, and we are indebted to the hard work of the teachers and the support of our parents.”

Preliminary figures released by Redbridge council suggest that 20 per cent of pupils at the school achieved A* to A grades and 81 per cent were awarded A* to C grades.