A couple say they are living in fear after a burglar raided their home.

Chiman So, 41, of Morris Court in Waltham Abbey, returned home yesterday with his three young children to find the family’s front door had been forced in.

The thief left iPad’s and laptops behind, but stole the family’s safe containing around £500 cash, as well as Hong Kong dollars and an antique watch.

It follows an unusual few weeks, with police reporting seeing men walking around the estate wearing wigs and gloves.

There also said to have been a number of burglaries and men have repeatedly knocked on the family’s door, asking which flat they lived in.

Mr So said: “We came in through the back door as we usually do and I stopped and knew something was wrong as I could see all the kitchen draws were pulled out and I knew I didn’t leave it like that when I left.

“Then I saw the front door had been forced in and the lock had been removed.”

Describing the repeated visits, his wife, Rui Chai, 38, said: “Whenever they knocked it was at the same time as before, I would look out the window and they would ask what flat I was in, I would say it’s not a flat it’s a house and they would leave.

“Last week police knocked to tell us about men walking around the estate with wigs and gloves on, and there has been a lot of burglary’s around here lately.

“The council needs to fit CCTV and catch them.

“We feel very bad and upset, were just worried in case they try to do it again, there are children in the house.”

Epping Forest District Council and the police have have been contacted for comment.