A high number of young people stay living with their parents in Epping Forest, according to new research.

Figures analysed by housing and homelessness charity, Shelter, revealed that, despite being employed, 37% of 20 to 34-year-olds in the district have not moved out of the family home.

A YouGov poll commissioned by the charity found that a lack of affordable housing was the single biggest reason for adults staying with their parents.

Corinna Liffen, 24, of Valley Hill in Loughton, works six days a week as a photo developer on £14,500 a year.

She said: "I feel like my life will be on hold for a long time as I’m unable to afford to even look at moving out, it’s really depressing.

“It makes you feel like a burden on your parents even though you can’t help it.”

Nursery Nurse, Zoe Rumble, 22, of The Charter Road, Woodford Green, is earning £17,000 per year.

She said: “I’ve been working for almost 5 years and I still can’t afford the rent on my own place, let alone a mortgage.

“I’ve moved jobs for a higher pay to try and get myself on the property ladder and I still can’t afford it. I’m really worried.”

Recently married Nanny, Hannah Barlow, 26, of Ardmore Lane in Buckhurst Hill, said: “We had finally been accepted for a mortgage after the recession however the property prices are now no longer in our price range.

“You’re always fighting a losing battle.”

Epping Forest has the 13th highest proportion of young people living with parents in the UK.

Castlepoint, also in Essex, had the highest proportion, with 48%.

Shelter is calling for more affordable homes to be built.