A doctor’s surgery has been criticised for “serious inadequacies” in its hygiene standards.

Inspectors placed St James Medical Practice in Walthamstow on ‘high alert' after they found patients’ health was being put at risk during an unannounced inspection earlier this year.

The boiler was found to have not been working for almost two months, meaning hot water was not available to staff and patients.

A leak had also caused the ceiling to partly collapse in a treatment room.

Walls, chairs and carpets had not been maintained and were not made with material which was easy to clean – as advised in all UK surgeries.

Last week, the Care Quality Commission revealed it had ordered the surgery in St James Street to decorate, replace furniture and carry out a deep clean.

The surgery remains on high alert, although much of the ordered work has now been carried out.

A CQC inspector said: “Of the seven concerns raised, two have been addressed and four, including painting of the walls and replacement of the carpets with easy to clean flooring, are due to be completed by the end of September 2014.

“One remaining issue concerned the fact that the premises structure was poor and did not enable deep and effective cleaning.

“This had been escalated as a "high alert" and regular meetings are now taking place, with the owners of the premises and NHS Estate properties, who maintain the building, to resolve this situation.”

The CQC inspectors were told by the surgery that concerns had been raised in the past by managers and doctors who had applied for funding to carry out repairs, but it had never been forthcoming.

Plans to find funding for an improved surgery have been drawn up and three options, including an entire re-build, are being considered.

The boiler was fixed on April 28.