A strike by Tube workers will close the Central line on Friday, it is claimed.

The planned action is due to start at midnight and last for 24 hours after members of the ASLEF union voted in favour of the walk-out over working conditions.

The union has said workers are being treated unfairly over sick leave and delays on the line.

It said it expects the line to close

London Underground’s general manager, Lance Ramsay, said: “We have been holding discussions with ASLEF to work through local issues they have raised within our agreed processes. 

"We’re disappointed that ASLEF members have voted in favour of strike action while discussions are still ongoing. 

"Strike action is not necessary and we urge them to continue talks with us to understand and resolve their concerns.”

However ASLEF district organiser, Finn Brennan, has insisted the strike will go ahead as staff feel they are not being treated with respect.

He said: "This has come about simply because of how staff are treated on the line.

"The strike is expected to close the central line when it happens on Friday.

"We feel management are not treating drivers with dignity and respect and now they have had enough."