A traffic warden was kicked in the head in and nearly run over because he tried to issue a parking ticket.

The victim and a colleague were patrolling in The Broadway, Woodford Green, at 3pm yesterday and were about to issue a ticket which led to an argument with two men sitting in a car.

Witnesses said the white-middle-aged passenger then jumped out of the car punching the warden in the face and pushing him by the throat against a shop window. 

The driver joined in the mêlée kicking the warden in the back of the legs, knocking him to the floor.

The driver proceeded to kick the warden on the floor, causing head injuries in what was described by a witness as a "massive beating".

The attack happened by Woodford Tube station in front of children and "screaming" witnesses before a bystander Sean Fucile intervened, dragging the attacker off the warden.

It is alleged the middle-aged driver attempted to reverse his car over the warden, who managed to roll out of the way, before speeding off pursued by the police.

The injured warden managed to take down the licence plate of the attacker.

Witnesses told the Guardian of their shock at the incident.

Mr Fucile, 26, was described as a "hero" by his employer, Martin O'Shea.

He Fucile said: “In that situation you do not want to see someone getting their head stamped in, especially in front of screaming ladies and kids.

"I just didn’t think and I stupidly got involved.”

Alison Gallop, manager of Cooks, said: “It was shocking. The wardens did everything they could to protect themselves and didn’t fight back whilst the men viciously assaulted them.”

Martin O’Shea is manager of the electronics shop where the incident took place outisde.

He said: “Something like this has been building up for a long time. Parking is a really divisive issue and you just don’t know what some people are capable of.”

Mary O’Shea, of Repton Park, said: “You can’t blame the wardens it is their job. I think it is the targets they have to reach that cause them to act predatory. That is what rubs people the wrong way.”

Mohammed Hajinur, 53, of Broadmead Road, said: “Parking does make people go crazy here. You only have a couple of hours when you can park and everyone’s fighting over it.”

“But the warden was just doing his job, it should never get to that stage.”

Police said the warden rejected the use of an ambulance, recieving medical attention at the scene.

No arrests have been made.