An online petition is calling for bookmakers Paddy Power not to open anymore betting shops in Leytonstone.

In June this year the company, which already has branches across the borough, submitted an application to Waltham Forest council for another bookies in High Road.

Philip Herlihy started the petition against a sixth betting shop in the area around the road two days ago  - and it has already has 97 signatures.

In an open letter to Paddy Power's regional development manager, Nindi Dhanjal, Mr Herlihy said "enough is enough".

He added: “Leytonstone is a small, thriving distinct place, with a distinctive character, which local people are anxious to protect and preserve."

“You know as well as I do that betting shops don't bring joy to a high street - your substantial profits inevitably mean that your customers are, collectively, losers. 

"Betting shops bring losers to the high street, or - worse - create losers among us.”

Police have said betting shops attract crime and anti-social behaviour to an area.

Earlier this year, changes were made to the way councils can assess planning applications for betting shops.

Previously, they had to be considered in the same planning category as banks and estate agents.

However, Councillor Clyde Loakes, who has campaigned against new bookmakers, claims that they changes have come too late.

Last month the Planning Inspectorate overturned two decisions made by the council to refuse Paddy Power permission for two Walthamstow branches.

No date has been set for the Leytonstone application to be heard by the council’s planning committee.

To view the petiton click here