Reductions in council tax benefit will impact on some of the most vulnerable people in Waltham Forest, the council has admitted.

The authority has come under criticism for proposals to increase the amount of council tax contribution for benefit claimants.

Under the proposals, some could be forced to pay up to a third of their annual bill as of next year, prompting concerns for vulnerable members of the community.

If implemented, the borough would have the second highest minimum payment in London behind Harrow.  

Some authorities, such as Tower Hamlets and Westminster, have agreed to cover council tax costs for those on benefits. 

But Waltham Forest council has said the changes must be implemented to meet "required savings".

A council spokesman said: “The funding the council receives from government to cover the cost of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme is decreasing.

"Between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2017, the council needs to reduce the cost of the scheme by nearly £4,450,000.

"The council can achieve this saving by reducing the amount of Council Tax support available and requiring all working age residents eligible to receive Council Tax Support to pay a larger minimum amount of their Council Tax.

"This is not a change welcomed by Waltham Forest council. We recognise that these are
challenging times and the reduction in support will impact on some of our most vulnerable

"However, unfortunately changes are needed to achieve the required savings.”