A youth centre will celebrate its fifth anniversery with the launch of a radio station.

The centre, based next to Loughton Library in Traps Hill, was set up in 2007 as a response to concerns that teenagers in the area had liittle to do. 

General manager Nick Robinson, who opens the centre every day of the week with no charge, will launch the radio station next month.

He said: "We have been training teenagers in radio, podcast, DJ and interviewing skills for a while and thought 'why not expand the platform and get a radio show?'.

"We will start online with after school shows that advertise local facilities and opportunities for the younger listeners and we will have evenings dedicated to specialist music, like rock or hip hop."

The station, which has received more than £13,500 in funding from the Health Lottery, will also offer work experience to teenagers, where they will be trained in broadcasting skills to help them find work.

Mr Robinson added: “The people at the group have already spent about six months in preparation, conducting interviews with community groups and charities for the show.

“It’s an exciting new step and we have put a lot of time into it.

“We hope it will inspire teenagers to listen and participate as well as support them in the growth of their aspirations.”

The radio station will be on air at www.lypradio.com from September 8.