An ambulance services chief who earns £232,000 a year has claimed up to £30,000 in expenses over the past 16 months, it has emerged.

Records show Anthony Marsh, who is chief executive of both the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) and the West Midland Ambulance Service (WMAS) claimed for more than 90 hotel stays, including 20 nights at a four-star hotel which cost the taxpayer £4,514.

Mr Marsh, who works two days at WMAS and three at EEAS, took on the part-time role as head of the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) in January this year, recieving a salary increase of £50,000.

A spokesman for the EEAS said Mr Marsh's combined role actually saved £130,000 in public money. 

He said: "As he is currently representing two ambulance services, this work is being delivered more effectively and efficiently for the taxpayer. 

"Mr Marsh is currently running two ambulance trusts. He does not receive the salary of two chief executives, saving the taxpayer approximately £130,000 on the cost of having a substantive chief executive in each ambulance trust."

"Mr Marsh works several days a week in the East of England. It would not make sense to have him travel down on a daily basis and therefore requires accommodation.

"This is governed by NHS Guidelines and the lowest accommodation cost is always sought."