A woman who was killed in a house fire has been named two months after her death.

Pramela Jeyakumar, 56, was killed when a fire that ripped through her home in Exeter Road, Walthamstow, in the early hours of July 1.

Mrs Jeyakumar’s husband managed to escape the blaze by jumping out of an upstairs window. He was later taken to hospital with injuries to his back and legs.

Neighbours battled to save Mrs Jeyakumar after being awoken by screams.

Dozens of people tried to smash their way into the building using objects in the garden, but it was too late.

According to witnesses no smoke alarm was heard.

The inquest into Mrs Jeyakumar’s death was opened on July 9.

London Fire Brigade investigated the fire but the cause has not been revealed.

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