A teenager completed a gruelling 167-mile bike ride for his school's three chosen charities.

Christian Donovan, 15, of Woodlands Avenue in Aldersbrook, cycled from his grandparents’ home in Yorkshire to his own house in two days, arriving on Thursday.

The chair of Wanstead High School student council, Christian has so far raised £900, with another £1,500 pledged, for charities Teenage Cancer Trust, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Orphans in Need.

The three charities were chosen by the student council.

The ride started at Tickhill in South Yorkshire, with Christian’s father, Andrew, driving in front of him.

They stopped for an overnight stay in Kettering, before heading back to Redbridge.

The ride did not go completely to plan for Christian, but he managed it with encouragement from his father.

He said: “115 miles in I had a moment when I didn’t want to go any further and wanted to stop, but somehow I got through it.

“It was especially hard waking up in Kettering and having to go again, I didn’t feel like it at all and I was aching all over.

"Dad really encouraged me along the way and that inspired me to finish.

 “I have been training so hard, cycling three or four times a week, 70 to 80 miles, I particularly enjoy cycling on Stratford road circuit, which I do regularly.

“I think it is really important for people to get out there and raise money for good causes. My position of chair of the school council means I am in a position to encourage others to raise money.

“This isn’t the end of the fundraising and I will be organising a number of other events this year at school.”