A decision on whether to expand a school is due to be made this week following a public consultation.

Redbridge council plans to extend Redbridge Primary School in College Gardens, Ilford, to accommodate an extra 210 pupils by September 2015.

Only 82 people completed the survey which closed in August 1, with 43 of those in favour of the expansion.

Some of the issues the public raised were concerns over the potential overcrowding of the school, the loss of outdoor space, traffic congestion and maintaining high standards and facilities within a large school.

The school is currently rated "outstanding" by Ofsted and has 717 pupils on its books.

The Department of Education said in April that an extra 4,000 school places in Redbridge must be found in four years – the equivalent of eight new schools.

A decision will be made on Thursday in a Children and Young People’s Service Committee meeting at 7.15pm at Redbridge Town Hall in Ilford.