A manager has spoken of her disgust as burglars trashed her nursery, stole equipment and caused thousands of pounds of damage in a Sunday morning raid.

Two men were caught on camera exiting Sunshine Day Nursery, in Wallwood Road, Leytonstone, at 6.30am.

They had filled two suitcases with televisions, DVDs, cameras and other items before leaving the scene.

The CCTV images were released by a member of staff on Facebook earlier this week in a bid to find the culprits.

One of the suitcases used was bright blue, while the other was black with a white and pink Hawaiian print.

Speaking to the Guardian, manager Nikki Bailey spoke of her disgust that anyone would steal from a nursery.

She said: “I feel sick that people could break into a children’s nursery and I think we are lucky no one was hurt.

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A member of staff released this CCTV image of the two burglars exiting the nursery.


"Someone could have gone back to the nursery to pick something up and it is a scary thinking what might have happened if they had bumped into the criminals.

“They trashed our office and staff room and I am worried they will target us again as they will know that the equipment will be replaced.

The break-in was discovered by a member of staff who went to the nursery around 4.30pm on Sunday.

All members of staff were called to the nursery and CCTV footage was viewed.

They watched as two burglars were caught on camera entering the garden around 3.30am and inspected the premises for an hour.

They then broke in through a classroom window and spent a further two hours filling up two suitcases they found in the staff room.

Ms Bailey estimates that the total bill for repairs and stolen equipment will work out as a few thousand pounds.

She said: “Luckily we have insurance but it has got to be a few grand, we need to replace the equipment and repair the two windows that were broken to gain entry.

“They also rummaged through our personal items in the lockers and stole designer glasses, perfume, earrings and phones.

“We had only just bought one of the televisions too, it was just out its package waiting for an aerial."

No arrests have been made.