The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is to become home to a new beer which has been launched by a hockey club in celebration of its recent success.

Wapping Hockey Club has launched a hat-trick of beers across six East London pubs, including the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, to toast its most successful season ever after eight of its team gained promotion.

Revenue from the Wapping Hoppy, Wapping Gold and Wapping Cape will help the club generate additional revenue that will go towards offering members access to some of the best facilities in the country.

The beers will available on tap to spectators attending the Unibet Eurohockey Championships at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on August 21 to 30.

Wapping HC chairman Stuart Burnside, said: "The Olympics were all about inspiration and so too is the legacy.

"The international players in the Euros will inspire the grass roots, and with this new product on tap, their spectators will support fresh talent."