Two Albanian brothers who made residents' lives a misery on an estate have been convicted of kidnapping a teenager in a case of mistaken identity.

Arber Syla, 21, Liljan Syla, 19, and privately-educated Delston Galloway, 21, all of Aldriche Way, Highams Park, were found guilty today (October 6) at Snaresbrook Crown Court of conspiracy to commit false imprisonment following a three week trial.

The jury heard how the men were part of the Selrack gang based on the Highams Park estate and had plotted to kidnap a rival gang member for ransom.

On the morning of April 7, the victim who was 15 at the time and cannot be named for legal reasons, was waiting for a bus to take him to school when he was approached by Arber Syla, grabbed and led towards a car.

CCTV footage from the area where the abduction took place showed three people walking towards a car which then drove off.

Prosecutor Robert Evans said the teenager was "elbowed in the right cheek by Arber Syla as he struggled to escape and then punched in the ribs" by both Arber Syla and Galloway.

The pair took him to a flat on an estate where they were joined by five others, including the younger Syla brother.

He was questioned at length about his alleged links to a rival gang in Waltham Forest.

Mr Evans, said: "The gang kept him in the flat for most of the day against his will.

"He was told there would be serious consequences if he told the police or tried to return to the flat.

"They asked him if he wanted food but told him he couldn't leave."

Judge Simon Wilkinson said there was "no doubt" the victim had been "unlawfully detained".

After searching the victim's phone and realising he was not the person they intended to kidnap, they let him go.

He messaged a family member to say he had been kidnapped and returned home at around 8pm.

While in custody awaiting trial for this case, the Syla brothers were handed an anti-social behaviour injunction by housing association Ascham Homes.

The 12-month banning order prevents them from entering the estate for a year and being in a group of more than two people in public.

Ascham Homes said "residents' lives had been made a misery with their relentless anti-social behaviour and criminal activity."

Waltham Forest investigating officer Detective Constable, Stephen Eyres, said: "The victim was put through a horrific ordeal and was so frightened that at first he was unwilling to speak to us as he feared he and his family would be subject to reprisals.

"I am pleased that the Syla brothers and Galloway have been found guilty today and this verdict should demonstrate that we will do everything within our power to bring violent criminals to justice."

The trio are due to be sentenced on November 27.