VANDALS have a ruined several golf course greens during a series of “mindless” attacks.

Under the cloak of darkness, vandals, armed with shovels and spades, dug up several greens on the public Chingford Golf Course, in Bury Road, Chingford.

On Monday (July 25), groundskeepers awoke to find “extensive damage” to six greens likely “caused by shovels and spades”.

Later the same week on Friday (July 29) a further two greens were found dug up causing significant disruption to players and the golf club.

Ladies captain of Royal Epping Forest Golf Club, Jill Crafer was getting ready to enjoy Captains Day last Friday when she saw the destruction.

She added: “It was very sad to see it, it’s so mindless.

“It happened a few years ago but it’s a real shame to see it again.”

The public course is played on by three golf clubs in the area, including Chingford Ladies Golf Club, Chingford Golf Club for men and Royal Epping Forest.

With golfers playing from 6am until 9pm during the summer months Ms Crafer said everyone is keeping their eyes peeled for the vandals.

She added: “People are worried if it’s just vandalism or whether there’s something more to it.

“Hopefully it’s all gone away because it’s difficult to police such things on the course as its common land.”

Ms Crafer praised the “marvellous” forest keepers for solving a “jigsaw puzzle” and repairing the ground the best they could.

City of London Corporation head forest keeper, Martin Newnham, said: “Our Forest Keepers are stepping up joint patrols with the police in the area.

“Anti-social behaviour on Forest land is completely unacceptable.

“If you witness a crime taking place, contact the police and Forest Keepers.”

The public is urged to report criminal damage to police via 101 and the forest keepers on 0208 532 1010.