DINERS were reportedly chucked out of a luxury restaurant mid-way through their lunch after it went into administration less than a year after opening.

When The Woodford opened its doors in High Road, South Woodford on March 1 2016, it promised a classy fine-dining establishment, completely departed from the premise’s past life as notorious TOWIE nightclub Funky Mojoe.

But less than a year later on February 13, one of the restaurant’s food suppliers received a letter to say the company trading at 159 High Road had gone bust.

Manager of Fisher & Wood and IFish Olly Roe, who supplied the restaurant between November and February, said: “We got a letter from some financial recovery experts to say a company called M&Co Services at 159 High Road, South Woodford had gone into administration.

“But none of us have ever heard of M&Co Services, we have only ever dealt with The Woodford.

“We stopped delivering to them on February 4 because they hadn’t paid us.

“It’s all a bit fishy. We’re still trying to investigate what’s going on.”

Mr Roe claims he and his sales director visited the restaurant on Valentine’s Day to shed further light on the situation.

When he arrived he claims there were still chefs in the kitchen, tables laid, and staff on duty.

He says he then rang administrators Cater Clark to tell them the restaurant was still open, who told him they “shouldn’t be doing that”.

Mr Roe added: “Our contact there told me the next day (February 15) men stormed in there while people were still having their lunch, told them to leave, and changed the locks.

“Apparently it’s been closed ever since.”

A meeting is due to take place between creditors to discuss the future of the business at Hainault Business Park on February 28.

The Guardian has contacted The Woodford for comment.