A CHURCH has installed a new heating system in a bid to become greener.

Loughton Methodist Church, in High Road, have had eight holes, each at 160 metres deep, drilled into their car park. In this, water circulates and generates the heat that now warms up the church.

The church felt they needed to reduce their carbon footprint, and in the meantime, got rid of their 30-year-old boilers.

Paired with the use of renewable electricity, the church will now be able to reduce their carbon output to zero.

Keith Aldred, who oversaw the changes, said: “In 2011, the methodist church accepted a report called Hope in God’s future. The report accepts the scientific evidence and affirms that as christians, we have a responsibility to care for God’s earth and all its people.

“Heat pumps are proven technology and we have had an experienced installer who has done calculations of the heat needed as part of the system design. In the first months of the operation, the system has exceeded our requirements. We are confident it will meet our needs.”

The church are hosting an open day on March 23 to introduce the system to the public.