Delays and misery

Mini Holland road closures are causing delays, misery, frustration, loss of business and pollution.

While measures to encourage cycling and reduce pollution is welcomed, the road closures are instead having the opposite effect. The current traffic chaos has only led to many more stationary vehicles belching out more exhaust on our roads.

It is quite clear that the road closures have had many unintended consequences.

Many residents now have access problems and having trouble getting around the local area.

Many local businesses are also being left out of pocket. I witnessed on occasions,where an ambulance had to turn back due to road closures. It is quite clear that things are not working as planned.

On top of this this, these changes are having a huge impact on our community.

I have attended several public meetings and seen how passionately people feel.

There have been cases of road rages, cases of cyclists having arguments, many tense words are being shared on social media.

It is very disappointing that the council has driven a wedge into our community.

Instead of working with the residents to create the plan that is ‘community led,’ the council has not thought through of these changes.

The council should consider re-opening some of closed roads, in order to ease the flow of the traffic especially in Palmerston Road, Blackhorse Road, Hoe Street and Forest Road.

Mahmood Hussain, Former Lib Dem councillor for High Street ward, Maude Terrace, Walthamstow