Officials could be given powers to issue £100 on-the-spot fines for drinking alcohol, begging and urinating in two town centres.

Waltham Forest council is set to launch a consultation on plans to create Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in Leytonstone High Road and central Walthamstow.

If given the green light, the orders would allow police, PCSOs and council officers to issue instant £100 fines for anyone found committing one of several anti-social behaviour offences in the areas.

Officers would be able to hand out tickets for street drinking, aggressive begging, urination and threatening behaviour, or to people congregating to take drugs or cause a nuisance to neighbours.

A council report on plans stated authorities were receiving a large number of complaints from residents and businesses relating to anti-social behaviour in Waltham Forest’s town centres.

Walthamstow High Street and Leytonstone are the two council wards most affected by anti-social crimes, with 31 and 16 incidents in each area respectively reported to police between March and November last year.

An Alcohol Restriction Zone (ARZ) has been in place to prevent street drinking in central Walthamstow since 2008. However, the measures can only be enforced by police officers.

A letter of support for the proposed PSPOs, written to the council by Met Police, said: “Anti-social behaviour can have a serious impact on our communities.

“Waltham Forest, like many other urban boroughs, suffers from a range of problems like drinking in the street and in our parks, aggressive beggars, harassment and street prostitution.

“While we will always prioritise crimes that cause the most harm, we know that ASB affects people’s quality of life.

“Alcohol restriction zones, implemented by the council in 2008 were an important first step.

“But PSPOs would give local authority colleagues additional enforcement powers, to supplement those of police officers, making our approach to ASB a real joint effort.”

A third PSPO, aimed at curbing street prostitution, has also been proposed for the Lea Bridge area of Leyton, although a consultation on the plan has yet to be announced.

Waltham Forest council’s cabinet is expected to sign off on a public consultation over the orders at a meeting next Tuesday (March 21).