CHANGES to the way Redbridge Council makes its decisions have been approved – and here’s what you need to know.

But the plans, approved at a full council meeting on Thursday, were not debated, sparking concern from opposition councillors.

  • Only proposals over £250,000 will need to be approved by councillors
  • Cabinet, committee and sub-committee meetings must not go over three hours and 15 minutes – if they do, there will have to be a vote
  • Councillors who want to ask questions after the leader or a cabinet member has made a statement will have one minute each

The plan to give councillors increased spending power was voted for despite concern.

Liberal Democrat Hugh Cleaver said: “This proposal, which is in councillor’s self-interest, should be halted until a cross party review can be carried out away from the council chamber, line by line.”

But Labour councillor for Seven Kings, Cllr Littlewood, said: “I am comforted by the proposed changes and believe that a review in a years’ time will iron out any problems.”

However, Conservative opposition councillors, including Cllr McLaren and Cllr Hayes, were more cynical about amendments and gave detailed accounts of problems they foresee.

Cllr McLaren, said: “I am more of a cynic, and I am unsure how effective the opportunity to review these amendments in a year will be.”

Leader of the opposition, Cllr Canal, further criticised Labour councillors for allowing a lack of discussion of the proposed amendments. He told the meeting: “Moves have been made by Labour councillor to curtail the debate on these constitutional changes.”