A FORMER MP is taking to the campaign trail to win back the seat he lost in 2015 in just seven weeks. 

Ex-Conservative Ilford North MP Lee Scott has today (April 19) confirmed he will be standing in the General Election on June 8. 

The Tory candidate lost by just 589 votes in 2015, when he was beaten by Labour's Wes Streeting who bagged 43.9 per cent of the vote. 

He said: "It was an honour to serve the residents of Ilford North for seventeen years, including ten years as their MP.  

"This week I have been contacted by hundreds of residents asking me to stand again.  

"With their help, I am confident we can help deliver the mandate Theresa May seeks to deliver a good Brexit for Britain." 

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Photo: Cllr Emma Best

Local Conservative campaigners were out in South Woodford "just eight hours after" the Prime Minister's shock announcement yesterday.  

Streeting's team were out in full force last night with seven campaign teams taking to the streets of Gants Hill, Clayhall and Barkingside. 

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Photo: Wes Streeting

The Labour MP will have teams out on the doorstep three times a day until the election. 

Speaking on Twitter he said: "Party’s organised, we just need you to show up. 

“An amazing team helped us win Ilford North from the Tories in 2015, let’s do it again.” 

Speaking to the Guardian he added: "I am now relishing the chance to get back to the campaign trail.

"The difference between now and two years ago is I now have a record to stand on.

"I think from the past two years people know I am an independent-minded MP that will not just tow the party line, but look at the real issues. 

"Whether it's campaigning to save King George Hospital's A&E from closing, or against cuts to Redbridge Council or the borough's schools, I have been a tireless campaigner for the people of Ilford North. 

"And I hope that means people will have faith in me to continue doing that. "