A Co-op bank in Walthamstow has announced it is closing its doors to customers because of a drop in counter transactions.

The bank’s branch in Hoe Street will permanently close at 1.30pm on June 30.

With no remaining Co-op bank in the borough its Walthamstow customers will have to travel more than five miles away to branches in Wood Green, Enfield and Ilford.

A spokesman for Co-op said the “branch is no longer sustainable” because of a drop in counter transactions as people’s banking habits move online.

A spokesman said: "Walthamstow branch experienced a 12 per cent drop in counter transactions in 2016, on top of an approximately 30 per cent fall in counter transactions in 2015 as our customers continue to move their day to day banking transactions online and increasingly make use of contactless payments.

“A total of 3,929 customers visited the branch during the past 12 months, with 54 per cent visiting the branch only once or twice in that period.

“This means that maintaining this branch is no longer sustainable."

The bank said a “number” of services will still be available for its banking customers at the Post Office.

Customers were also asked to visit the Walthamstow branch before June to discuss how they intend to manage their accounts.