A STREET party held to bring members of a diverse community together has been hailed as a success.

The event was held in Greville Road in Walthamstow on Saturday, June 17, as part of the Great Get Together weekend.

Parties with the theme of ‘more in common’ took place across the county in memory of the late MP Jo Cox who was murdered in her west Yorkshire constituency last June.

Over 100 neighbours gathered in Greville Road for a Portugese BBQ, a bake-off, face-painting, and live entertainment.

Schoolchildren fundraising for a trip to Zanzibar raised over £100 from a raffle and the proceeds from a lemonade stand went towards the Grenfell Tower fire relief fund.

Organiser Keith Dover said: “It was a top day that reinforced what a great community we are living in and what a luxury it is to have great neighbours.

“People were saying to each other that they have lived in the street for 16 years and had never met but I think we have broken the ice now. I think there’s a real need for these types of event in our communities today.

“It wasn’t a chore for anyone, people loved getting involved and helping out.

“It makes you feel very humble when you see the reaction of people. Without a shadow of a doubt it has brought the neighbours closer together and they will be more willing to help each other out in the future.”